TGMC Implements Innovative Breast Imaging Technology

Rhonda Alfred


Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC) expands its offering of advanced breast imaging technology with the implementation of 3D mammography and dense breast tissue screening with the Automated Breast Ultrasound System (ABUS).

The 3D mammography uses a low-dose short X-ray sweep around the positioned breast with a “step-and-shoot” method, removing the potential motion from the tube helping to reduce blur and increase image sharpness increasing the possibility of detecting breast cancer. A key challenge when performing screening mammography is keeping the radiation levels as low as possible. With TGMC’s 3D mammography, there is no increase in dose from a 2D standard mammogram to a 3D view, which means there is no increased radiation to patients during a breast exam. ­­

The ABUS system is designed to improve the detection of breast cancer in women with dense breast tissue. It enhances the consistency, reproducibility and sensitivity of whole breast ultrasound, demonstrating a 35.7 percent improvement in cancer detection (sensitivity) in women with dense breasts without prior breast intervention. TGMC is currently the only facility in the southeast region to offer this technology.

 “The implementation of these two technologies marks a significant step forward in helping our clinicians detect breast cancer,” said Phyllis Peoples, president and CEO. “At TGMC, our goal is to provide our patients with the most effective ways to battle cancer from every possible angle with innovative procedures, medicines and technology.”

It is recommended that women get regular mammograms as suggested by their physician, and if they have been informed that they have dense breast tissue, they should speak with their physician about their specific risk and additional screening tests when appropriate.

TGMC Women’s Health Center Imaging and Breast Center provides a new way of health for women through comprehensive care plans, innovative technology and compassionate care teams. For more information on these advancements, contact the Imaging and Breast Center at (985) 850-6052.


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