Wellness for Life

TGMC’S Wellness for Life will help get your employees on the right track to better health leading to more productive work days. Our healthy lifestyle experts evaluate your employee’s health risks and can provide specific solutions and resources to the employee and company once the risks are identified.

TGMC’S Wellness for Life consists of: 

Health Risk Assessment: A detailed questionnaire will be provided to each employee to obtain information about their current lifestyle and risk for disease. 24/7 access to the portal is provided and results are confidential.

Blood Pressure Evaluation

Glucose Screening

Lipid Panel: Complete cholesterol screening that includes LDL, HDL, Triglycerides, and Total cholesterol) 

Body Composition Analysis on In-Body 230 Scale: This unique scale measures your overall weight, body fat, and muscle mass which will help each individual understand how diet and exercise influences your body composition. (Picture of the scale)

Consultation with a Nurse Practitioner: During the time of consultation the Nurse Practitioner will review all results and give any recommendations needed. If a follow-up care is needed we can assist you in finding a primary care provider.


Based on the results of each individual employee’s screening, an assessment of the overall health of your company will be provided.


The entire screening takes approximately 15 minutes per participant. What if 15 minutes was all it took to save a life!!

We want you to take the first step in providing a healthier lifestyle for your employees.





Additional services are provided through TGMC’S Healthy Lifestyle Center

Health is total wellness, the balance of mental, physical, and emotional well-being

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