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To Your Health-Lung Cancer and Screenings

Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Jeffery Long and TGMC Director of Radiation, Mike Muntz discuss lung cancer and the testing that patients can receive at TGMC along with new technology offered, EBUS.

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To Your Health with Dr. Sarah Haydel

Dr. Sarah Haydel talks about skin health and good products that we can be used to keep our skin healthy!

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To Your Heath---What is Crohn's Disease?

Learn all about what Crohn's disease is, symptoms and how to treat it!

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To Your Health with Kirbie LeCompte and Terri Sublett

Learn all about our FREE Well and Wise program at TGMC Healthy Lifestyles Center offered to the community of 60+

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Sepsis Awareness Month

Dr. Joni Claville tells us the importance of Sepsis and how TGMC is creating awareness.

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To Your Health with Johnnay Benjamin

Director of Early Detection and Education for Mary Bird Perkins, Johnnay Benjamin, tells us all about a new event to the Houma area, Live Well Bayou. This event will be FREE to the public and will have 4 major cancer screening tests, food and live music!

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To Your Health with Dr. Fail Interventional cardiologist

TGMC and CIS International Cardiologist, Dr. Fail explains clinical trials and benefits to the patient.

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To Your Health- TGMC Women's Health Center

Emily Taylor, Womens Center Director and Emily Thompson, Lactation Nurse, give us all the benefits of breastfeeding and TGMC Women's Center

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To Your Health with TGMC CEO, Phyllis Peoples

TGMC celebrates 65 years of Service this month! President and CEO Phyllis Peoples tells us about all the ways TGMC gives back to the community and has grown over the years!

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Summer Skincare with Dr. Sarah Haydel

On this episode of To Your Health, dermatologist, Dr. Sarah Haydel, breaks down skincare tips for every decade to leave you with beautiful, radiating skin.

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