Stroke Care

TGMC's Health and Rehabilitation Center was the first to earn an accreditation for its stroke specialty program by the Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) in the Tri-Parish area. 

The certification tells the public, patients, physicians and insurance companies that TGMC offers the same level of stroke rehabilitation care as state-of-the-art medical facilities, only closer to home. The stroke specialty accreditation signifies TGMC’s compliance in areas including leadership, risk management, health, safety and performance. It also focuses on interventions such as preventing, recognizing, assessing and treating and educating about stroke, as well as identifying and reducing risk factors for recurrent stroke.

The program includes functional independence, social skills, quality of life, and support services for the patient and family. The patient and family additionally receive education regarding home modifications, safety, and health risks. The accreditation addresses the prevention of cardiovascular complications, deficiencies, infections, emotional challenges and pain. The stroke specialty program requires health assessments such as communication disorders, cognitive functions, motor skills, visual problems, activities of daily living (dressing, grooming, toileting, cooking), functional mobility and emotional wellness are addressed. Health promotion and screenings, as well as preventative care and health care delivery, are also integral elements of the rehabilitation department.

The stroke specialty accreditation validates the overall high level of rehabilitation care that TGMC provides and what patients can expect. A stroke happens in seconds; however, recovery may take a year to reach maximum potential, depending upon the severity of the patient’s stroke. Together the staff at TGMC provides a multi-disciplinary approach for each patient’s individualized care and gets them back on the road to recovery.

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