Outpatient Care

The Outpatient Pavilion at Terrebonne General Medical Center is an ambulatory care facility that provides services for procedures requiring short-term post-procedure care. Our goal is to provide patients with high-quality, professional service while maintaining the highest standards for patient safety, convenience, and comfort.

You're in Good Hands

We provide detailed instructions on all procedures to help the patient and his/her family prepare for aftercare in the comfort of home following the procedure.

Our professional nursing staff is experienced in outpatient care. The staff is composed of specially trained registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and nursing assistants who receive continual education in all aspects of ambulatory care.

Hospital and support staffs are immediately available to meet any of your additional needs.

The Outpatient Pavilion meets the requirements set forth by insurance companies, HMOs, and government agencies for procedures performed on an outpatient basis.

We Offer Convenience and Comfort

The Outpatient Pavilion has an efficient, convenient pre-admissions process. Appointment times are available to come to the Pavilion to go through your pre-admit process. All of the required assessments are covered in one convenient location. This process is especially helpful for the day of your surgery so that you can arrive closer to your surgery time.

We know how important family is to patient care. Family is invited in the Outpatient Pavilion Family Waiting Area; furthermore, two family members can stay with the patient.

The staff at the Waiting Area is concerned about patient comfort and privacy. Our facility has private patient areas separated from other patient areas.

The Outpatient Pavilion is conveniently located on Belanger St. with a patient drop off area at the front entrance to the Pavilion.

We Inform You Before and After

Before each procedure, time is spent with each patient (in person or by telephone) to provide detailed information about the procedure to be performed, to perform required pre-operative preparations, to answer any questions, and to clarify any concerns the patient might have.

The day of surgery, a nurse performs a physical assessment and any other additional pre-op preparations before the patient is taken to the operating room. Patients return to the Outpatient Pavilion as soon as safety permits. Once back in the Outpatient Pavilion, preparations begin for the patient's return home.

After a patient returns home, an Outpatient Pavilion nurse will call within the week to check on the patient. Through this phone call the nurse is able to clarify questions the patient may have concerning recovery.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Services

From endoscopic to orthopedic to general surgeries, the Outpatient Pavilion is a full service entity encompassing both pre and post procedure care. Our experienced surgeons are able to perform a wide array of procedures in surgery suites that are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

For more information or to contact the Outpatient Pavilion, please call 985-850-6159. 

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