Laboratory & Pathology

TGMC's laboratory is divided into two JCAHO accredited units: the Clinical Laboratory, and the Anatomic Pathology and Cytology Laboratory. The clinical lab provides your doctor state-of-the-art blood and fluid testing to better define your medical condition. The laboratory utilizes the most modern equipment to provide your doctor with results quickly, accurately, and efficiently.


The Anatomic Pathology lab tests and diagnoses body tissue that has been removed during surgery. The tissue sample is examined by a pathologist, who is a physician specialized in the examination and diagnosis of disease. He makes recommendations about your condition and presents possible treatment options to your doctor. The Cytology Laboratory is a specialized lab that examines cell samples, from body fluids and other sites, in order to present a diagnosis to your physician.

Outpatient Lab

For patients needing simple blood work, TGMC has a convenient Outpatient Lab located in the Medical Atrium Building on the first floor, Suite 103. This convenient location and process is designed with the patient in mind as our goal is to treat you in a prompt yet courteous manner.

To contact the Outpatient Lab at TGMC call (985) 873-4039. The department hours are Monday – Friday 7 am – 5 pm.

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