TGMC Sport Performance Training Center


The Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC) Healthy Lifestyles Center is taking fitness to the next level with the addition of the Sports Performance Training Center. TGMC’s Sports Performance program focuses on the individual’s goal and can be designed to fit professional athletes, novice athletes, and anyone striving to reach their best possible fitness level.

The TGMC SportsPerformance Training Center is led by master trained Health and Sports PerformanceSpecialist, Zachary Voss, MS, CSS. Voss designs programs around specific sports performance goals that build strength and stamina. Individuals ranging from ages12 to 82 are welcome to experience performance training. The Center offers state- of –the- art equipment to develop absolute and relative power, speed, agility,cardiovascular endurance, balance, mobility and flexibility. Voss’s highly specialized programming focuses on performing a variety of aerobic and strength exercises while conducting specific sports testing to measure your progress. Performance classes can be scheduled for teams or individual athletes looking to improve their techniques.

Voss will also be hosting two summer camp training sessions open to junior high and high school students. The first camp will run from June 1-June 27 and the second will be July 6-August 1. Both performance camps are designed for girls and boys ages 12-18.

The development of the TGMC Sports Performance Training Center is another way TGMC is providing wellness to our community. TGMC’s Healthy Lifestyles Center, Community Sports Institute, and Sports Performance Training Center have partnered with our community to bring education, prevention and care to south Louisiana. TGMC has achieved much success by partnering with six school systems and educating over 23,000 students on healthy habits and proper techniques needed to prevent injuries.

“TGMC is taking a proactive approach with the addition of the Sports Performance Training Center,” said Phyllis Peoples, president and CEO. “Our goal is to provide more opportunities for our student sand community to receive expert advice on performance training while continuing to instill healthy lifestyles within our community.”

For more information on the TGMC Sports Performance Training Center or Summer Camp Training Sessions, please call 985-873-3570.



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