TGMC Raises Patient Safety with New Identification Technology


 Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC) israising the standard for patient safety by implementing the RightPatient®Biometric Patient Identification System. As biometric identity management isbecoming more commonplace, TGMC is the only hospital in the state to embracethe many benefits this technology brings to both patients and the hospital.

TGMChas implemented this new technology to protect the privacy of patients andprevent the duplication of medical records. Every year, 1.5 million people fallvictim to medical identity theft, costing the U.S. healthcare system between$70 billion to $225 billion per year. Using an integrated medical data systemreduces the possibility of someone illegally using a name, social securitynumber, or health insurance number to see a doctor, get prescription drugs, orfile false claims.

“We areconstantly making upgrades to enhance our patients experience and biometricidentification will make a remarkable impact,” said Phyllis Peoples, Presidentand CEO at TGMC. “As the first hospital in the state to use this technology,we’re setting high standards for patient safety andpaving the way for the safer future.”

The RightPatient system manages patients’ identities throughiris recognition. Using a sophisticated optical digital camera, it capturesphotographs of the eye, and then extracts unique data points to create anidentity template. It’s simply a more efficient way to store patientinformation and streamlines traditional forms like insurance cards, birthcertificates, and drivers licenses to streamline the admissions process. 

Digitally encapsulating personal medical records alsoensures TGMC staff is accessing a patient’s most up-to-date personal medicalinformation. The iris image is another safeguard against medication,transfusion, and testing errors, as well as performing procedures on the wrongperson, or discharging an infant to the wrong family.

 All TGMC patients will be identified upon admission with theRightPatient® system. It requires no physical contact and is safe for patientsof all ages, even under the age of five.



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