Cindy Duet Named Assistant Vice President of Organizational Excellence at TGMC


Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC), nationally recognized medical center, has appointed Cindy Duet to serve as Assistant Vice President of Organizational Excellence.

Duet joined TGMC in 1987, as a staff Pharmacist and has served as Pharmacy Director since 2009. Due to the nature of her work,Duet’s positive influence and vast knowledge base penetrates the entire organization. . For this reason, she is a key participant on numerous intra-hospital committees that make significant recommendations and, in many cases, have been instrumental in leading TGMC to high award-winning standards. Such committees include the Patient Safety Committee, the Leadership Development teams, Patient Satisfaction Committee, Environment of Care Rounds Committee, Quality Council, Medical Information Technology Implementation Team and several others as called upon. Duet is an active member of the community and has been awarded with The Courier’s Hometown Hero Award, TGMC Hero Award and most recently City Business’ 2014 Healthcare Hero Honoree.

In her new role, Duet will serve as the internal expert on the continued integration of evidence based leadership, principles, practices, tools and techniques for the organization to continue its journey in excellence. The Assistant Vice President of Organizational Excellence will be responsible as a driver for hard-wiring efforts to achieve organizational goals. Customer service, leadership training and employee engagement initiatives are just a few of the projects Duet will be working on. .Duet will also assist in Quality Improvement by overseeing the healthcare quality metrics, process improvement methodologies, team facilitation, and outcome management.

“We are very excited to have Cindy join the Leadership Team,” said Phyllis Peoples,president and CEO of TGMC. “She will bring valuable clinical, quality and leadership experience to this new role and will be an important asset to continuing our excellence in patient care.”



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