The Warm Up - 12 Reps of Christmas

As part of TGMC’s continued dedication to the health and wellness of our community, Sports Performance Training Center Specialist Zachary Voss will contribute to the Health & Wellness blog to provide healthy and safe sports tips and tools in his installments of The Warm Up. Through these installments, Zach hopes to “inspire change through health and sports performance. And show our community how to be strong, fit, and their best self.”

The Warm Up - Quick & Simple Workout 

In this episode of The Warm Up, TGMC Sports Performance Training Center's Zach Voss gives you a holiday-themed workout.


More About Zachary Voss and the Sports Performance Training Center

Everywhere you turn there is a new diet or exercise program promising to improve your life. Walk through the doors of the TGMC Healthy Lifestyle Center and you will see that we believe health is a way of life, not a fad. There are many programs for people of all ages to help live their best life. Zachary Voss is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and the Health and Sports Performance Specialist at the Healthy Lifestyle Center at TGMC. TGMC’s Community Sports Institute was created to impact future generations through the promotion of healthcare education and disease prevention, along with athletic injury prevention and post care. Zach and the Community Sports Institute team work in supporting teachers and educating students on healthy strategies, allowing students to gain exposure to healthcare experts, while supporting the coaches and athletes in medical assistance and proper techniques needed to prevent injuries while on the field. Whether it’s working with children or adults, Zach strives to uphold the Healthy Lifestyle Center’s mission of education, prevention and care.  

Zach has a master’s degree in Science of Sports Performance from Louisiana Tech and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist.

  • Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Minnesota Twins
  • Louisiana Tech Baseball Strength and Conditioning Assistant
  • Crossfit certified Trainer
  • Louisiana Tech Football Play



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