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TGMC To Your Health- Women and Orthopedics

Women and orthopedics are discussed in this week's To Your Health segment. Females can be susceptible to injuries at any age. Find out how you can prevent injury at any fitness level.

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TGMC To Your Health- Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center at TGMC treated its first patient with Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT). This precision treatment can target select small inoperable lung cancers, preserving healthy lung tissue and targeting cancer with a precision not possible with previous treatment approaches.

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TGMC To Your Health- Women’s Heart Health and the Love Your Heart Luncheon

In this episode of To Your Health, Dr. Karen Thompson sheds some light on women and heart disease. Also, find out about TGMC's upcoming event that will offer free health screenings and a live cooking demo from our head chef!

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TGMC To Your Health- MRI Caring Suite at TGMC

Radiology and Special Imaging at TGMC features the latest and greatest in technology and patient comfort when it comes to diagnostic testing. Find out how patient's are controlling their experience in the new MRI Caring Suites at TGMC.

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TGMC To Your Health- Blood Donation Awareness

Being a blood donor means you can save up to three lives just from the one pint you donate. Learn more about the benefits of blood donation and how it affects patients and the community on this episode of To Your Health.

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TGMC To Your Health- Sudden Impact Program at TGMC

Distracted driving is the number one cause of accidents among teens. Sudden Impact is a program that's aiming to change the statistics and educate young adults on the dangers of distracted driving. Learn more about how Sudden Impact is getting the community involved in this program.

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TGMC To Your Health- Transformation Challenge at TGMC

Looking to get in shape for the new year? Workout 360 and the Sports Performance Training Center at teaming up to help get you in gear! Find out how you can get involved and on the road to a healthier you.

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TGMC To Your Health- Healthy Holiday Eating

Learn ways to eat healthy during the holiday season with TGMC's Chef Jackie Marsh.

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TGMC To Your Health- Structural Heart Program at TGMC

The Structural Heart program at TGMC is paving the way for the latest techniques in life-saving cardiac procedures. This segment of To Your Health explains how patients with complex heart conditions can be treated by minimally invasive surgery.

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TGMC To Your Health- Tips for Staying Healthy During Exercise

TGMC's Outpatient Rehabilitation gives some advice on how to stay healthy during exercise. From warming up to stretching, it's important to take certain steps to avoid injury.

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