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TGMC To Your Health - Summer Training & Heat Safety

In this segment, host Keith Weisheit interviews Erica Peters, TGMC Community Sports Institute Athletic Trainer, about training during the summer months and heat safety.

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TGMC To Your Health - Cancer Survivorship

In this segment of To Your Health, host Keith Weisheit interviews Melanie Guilbeaux, Director of Oncology MBPCC at TGMC, in discussing cancer survivorship in the South.

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TGMC To Your Health - Women's Health

In this segment, Dr. Charon Gentile discusses how women can maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout pregnancy and other phases of their lives.

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TGMC To Your Health - Sports Injury Prevention

On this segment of To Your Health, Dr. Geoffrey Stone discusses ways to prevent sports-related injuries and what to do when an injury occurs.

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TGMC To Your Health- Pool Safety

Summer is here and pool safety is a concern for many parents with young children. On this segment of To Your Health, Dr. Grossman shares important information on how to keep your child safe this summer.

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TGMC To Your Health-Women's Health

National Women’s Health Week and Osteoporosis Month remind women that exercise and a healthy diet can help prevent many diseases, such as the leading cause for death in women – cancer. Dr. Gentile discusses disease-prevention services offered to women, including exams and screenings, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through preventative measures.

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TGMC To Your Health- Stroke Awareness

May is National Stroke Awareness Month and TGMC is dedicated to raising awareness of stroke warning signs, teaching preventative tips and providing the best quality of care to treat patients. In this segment of To Your Heath, TGMC emergency department physician Dr. Owen Grossman, shares valuable information on stroke prevention and treatment. .

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TGMC To Your Health- Skin Cancer Awareness

Each year there are more new cases of skin cancer than breast, prostate, lung and colon cancer combined. In recognition of Skin Cancer Awareness month, Medical Oncologist and Hematologist, Dr. Naveed Khan, discusses ways to detect and how to reduce your risk for this avoidable condition.

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TGMC To Your Health-Continuity of Care

Sometime the transition from hospital to long-term care can be difficult. This segment of To Your Health offers some advice on continuity of care for your loved ones.

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TGMC To Your Health- Grill Fest Benefiting The Foundation for TGMC

The Foundation for TGMC is hosting the inaugural Grill Fest at Outside and In in Houma. Find out how you can get involved for a great cause on this episode of To Your Health.

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