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TGMC To Your Health - Women's Health

In this segment, Dr. Charon Gentile discusses how women can maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout pregnancy and other phases of their lives.

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TGMC To Your Health- Kids Fit Fair at TGMC

Kids health is important at all ages. The Kids Fit Fair offers interactive ways for kids to learn and fitness and nutrition, learn how you can get involved on this episode of To Your Health.

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360 Breakdown: Proper Cool Down After Spin Class

After an intense spin class, always make sure you cool down. Learn the proper techniques in the 360 Breakdown.

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360 Breakdown: Proper Spin Technique

360 Breakdown gives some advice on the proper spin technique in this video blog.

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The Warm Up - 12 Reps of Christmas

Looking for a quick workout? TGMC's Zach Voss has a simple, four-minute routine to add to your routine on this episode of The Warm Up.

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The Warm Up - Benefits of Foam Rolling

As part of TGMC’s continued dedication to the health and wellness of our community, Health and Sports Performance Specialist Zachary Voss will contribute to the Health & Wellness blog to provide healthy and safe sports tips and tools in his installments of The Warm Up.

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The Fresh Fork - Citrus Benefits

On this episode of The Fresh Fork, TGMC's Executive Chef Jackie Marsh talks the health benefits of citrus in your diet.

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