Press Reeleases


Date released: 10/15/2000

Terrebonne General Medical Center has an updated photography system installed in the Nursery for newborns and their families.

That's My Baby ™ (TMB) is a new and innovative baby photography company serving hospitals and their patients throughout the U.S. The company uses all-digital technologies to capture baby photos, post them to the Internet, and deliver printed photos to excited, new parents.

A trained digital photography representative will visit each new mother at the hospital with a state-of-the-art digital imaging system. When there, new parents can choose their favorite photo on a full-size computer monitor. The selected image and order information is transmitted via the Internet to That's My Baby™ headquarters later the same day. The photo is posted to the TMB Website within 24 hours, and most printed orders are shipped within two days.

New parents can choose from a wide variety of creative photos, announcements and birth-related products. They then receive their baby's photo on the Internet at no additional charge. Family and friends of the parents can see the new baby after being provided a secure and private access code by the parents. They then logon to, follow directions to the Web Nursery, enter the access code and view the baby. While viewing the baby, parents can display a greeting to visitors, and visitors can offer their written congratulations back to baby and parents.

For more information on That's My Baby™, call 873-4616.