Wendy Harris has been named the Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC) June Employee of the Month. Harris is a Gastroenterology Technician in the TGMC Medical Atrium Procedure Center.

In an effort to recognize outstanding employees, the TGMC Customer Service Council has implemented the Employee of the Month program.  This program recognizes employees that exemplify the kind of person that patients, family members and fellow employees distinguish as role models. This employee shows dedication, outstanding work ethics and a positive attitude that is reflected in their day-to-day work and focuses on meeting both internal and external customer service goals.  This person also makes it a priority to live out the TGMC mission of providing exceptional healthcare with compassion.

Wendy Harris has a positive attitude that is very contagious. To choose one example to describe her dedication, work ethic, and positive attitude is difficult, as she incorporates them in all of her actions. She always has a jovial outlook and is an enthusiastic participant in not only daily duties, but also in departmental growth, such as cost-saving measures and education. “I love my job” is one of her mottos, and she truly shows it.

One example of this is her involvement in the first transplant therapy performed through the department. Wendy showed great interest, positivity, and dedication in seeing it through. Although it is not one of the primary procedures associated with the department, she incorporated it into her responsibilities and needed no guidance on the final days – truly owning her motto, “Here I am to save the day!” Wendy’s positive attitude motivates her co workers and makes the work environment more enjoyable.


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