On Friday, February 10, 2012, ten volunteers and one department were recognized at the Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC) annual Team Terrebonne Awards Program in appreciation of their hours of service and dedication as a Team Terrebonne Volunteer throughout the past year.

Team Terrebonne was formed in April of 2007 to help channel hospital and employee volunteer resources into worthy civic and non-profit organizations in the region. Since then, Team Terrebonne has participated in 66 events and our TGMC employees have volunteered a total of 2,922 hours. 330 TGMC employees have volunteered since the beginning of the Team Terrebonne program. In 2011, Team Terrebonne participated in 16 events, 136 employees volunteered and had 881 volunteer hours, which is significantly more than the previous years.

During the awards ceremony many volunteers were recognized for their dedication and time spent volunteering throughout the community. The top 10 Team Terrebonne Volunteers are Peggy Baumann, Linda Savoie, Michelle Rousseau, Charlotte Boudreaux, John Sonnier, Julia Light, Lisa Positerry, Kiley Warren, Percy Mosely and Rachel Dyers. The TGMC Laboratory and Pathology Department was recognized as the top department who had the most combined hours of service, 62.5 hours.

Throughout the year Team Terrebonne assists a variety of local organizations through volunteer support.  Some of the organizations include American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Terrebonne Foundation for Academic Excellence, Cooper Life Fund, Bayou Region Habitat for Humanity and many more.

“I commend all of our employees who have selflessly dedicated time to volunteering to assist in events throughout our community. It is through these volunteers’ efforts that we have been able to live out the Team Terrebonne Mission to improve the quality of life and promote healthy lifestyles in our community,” said Phyllis Peoples, President and CEO of TGMC. “I look forward to continuing these efforts throughout the next year and encourage our community to get involved and continue to participate in the numerous activities and events that our community has to offer,” Peoples added.

For more information regarding Team Terrebonne please call 985-873-4616.


Team Terrebonne Mission:

Team Terrebonne is comprised of civic-minded employees, administrators, physicians, board members and volunteers of Terrebonne General Medical Center who are dedicated to improving quality of life and promoting healthy lifestyles in our community. Team Terrebonne members seek to lead by example and to use their energies, talents and compassion to make our area Louisiana's best place to live, work and raise our families.


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