Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC) recently received its re-certification as a GIFT certified facility. The GIFT (Guided Infant Feeding Techniques) is a certified program for hospitals that is based on the best practice model to increase breast feeding initiation, duration and support.  This program helps to assure that the criteria for educating new parents and hospital staff on the techniques and importance of breastfeeding have been met. 

“Receiving this re-certification as a GIFT certified facility reaffirms the commitment of TGMC’s staff to offering best practice initiatives to women in our community while focusing on providing our patients with compassionate care,” said Phyllis Peoples, President and CEO.  “I am extremely proud of the TGMC Women’s Center staff to working diligently toward achieving this certification while continuing to live out our mission of providing exceptional healthcare with compassion,” Peoples added.

Designation as GIFT certified requires hospitals to demonstrate that it has met the “Ten Steps to a Healthy Breastfed Baby.”  The GIFT program maintains a close relationship with the hospital by assisting in meeting criteria, conducting on-site visits and periodically collecting data specific to breastfeeding rates. 

The GIFT certification is one of the commitments that TGMC has to provide the best practice opportunities to our mothers and babies and it is an initiative that has been proven to aid in preventing infant mortality.  By implementing the GIFT’s Ten Steps to a Healthy Breastfed Baby, TGMC improves maternity care, increases breastfeeding rates, and creates an optimal environment for breastfeeding as well as improve mothers’ and infants’ health and create a positive health care experience. 

TGMC is proud to be designated a GIFT certified facility and will continue to provide healthy initiatives for the mothers and babies in our region.


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