TGMC Honors Heroes at the Heart


Heroes walk the halls everyday atTerrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC). TGMC physicians and staff save livesevery day on the job, and among those are also extraordinary individuals who goout of their way to do brave and noble acts and selflessly give to others intheir everyday lives when they are not at work.

TGMC is proud to recognize ouremployees, Marie Marcello, Pamela Spearman, Gayle Ledet, Cindy Duet, LaurenLarpenter and Sheena Henry as TGMC Hero Award recipients.

In January, a vehicle suddenly crashed through the glass doorson the Blood Donor Center. The vehicle came to rest inside the waiting room,pushing through the receptionist desk and collapsing the back wall leading tothe clerical area. Staff quickly exited through the back doors. Once the causewas known, Marie Marcello and Pam Spearman, two Blood Donor Center employees,rushed to the front of the building to assess the driver and injuries despitethe smoke pouring out of the building. They both removed the coherent driverfrom the car by climbing over to the rear seat and exiting through a rear door.Once she was safely removed Marie and Pam escorted her to safety until EMSarrived.

One the same day at the Blood Donor Center, Gayle Ledet, RNand Staff Development Coordinator, also sprang into action. Her instinct was toact as a nurse and to provide help to anyone harmed. She immediately broughtBlood Donor Center employees in her office and provided support to calm themdown. She also responded by calling 911 and pulled the fire alarm to alerthospital security that there was an emergency. She made sure that all employeesin that area were accounted for and the driver was safe. Gayle remained calmthroughout the entire situation and was the driving force until help arrived.

While shopping at a local store, Darlene LeBoeuf, TGMCAccounting Manager, witnessed an elderly man pushing a grocery cart, fall tothe ground. She immediately went over to assist him and found that he wasunconscious. At that time another man who was a nurse came to assist and began CPRuntil the ambulance arrived.

 During a shopping trip, Cindy Duet, Pharmacy Director, witnesseda toddler choking and unconscious. Someone was trying to help the child but wasnot performing the proper procedure. Cindy immediately went over and grabbedthe child performing the correct Heimlich maneuver until the food came up. Thechild had choked on a piece of chicken. By the time paramedics arrived thechild appeared to be fine.

Lauren Larpenter and Sheena Henry, two Case Managementemployees, rushed to help a coworker choking on a piece of apple. Laurenimmediately began doing the Heimlich but was unsuccessful so she called out forhelp. Sheena heard and showed up to assist. As she began the Heimlich, the pieceof apple became dislodged.

“We want to commend these ladies for herheroic actions in coming to the aid and rescue of others in distress. Theytruly fulfill their obligations as a healthcare professional in allenvironments and all are a great example of TGMC’s mission in action, providingexceptional healthcare with compassion,” said Phyllis Peoples, President andCEO of TGMC.


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