TGMC Honored by Woodmen of the World With the Community Partner Award


TerrebonneGeneral Medical Center (TGMC) has been recognized by Woodmen of the World withtheir Community Partner Award  for 2014.Woodman of the World honored TGMC with this prestigious award for TGMC’sallegiance with their organization and our community.  This year TGMC established the “TGMC HonorsRed, White and Blue program.” Together with Woodmen of the World volunteers, TGMCimplemented the program to celebrate the myriad of brave men and women in thecommunity by recognizing veterans and paying tribute to their tireless effortson behalf of our nation during their stay at TGMC.

“At TGMC, it isvery important that we identify our veteran patients and thank them for the sacrificesthey’ve made for our country and our freedom,” stated Phyllis Peoples,President and CEO of TGMC. “Our veterans have served us andnow it is our turn to take special care of them during their stay at TGMC. Weare proud to be recognized by Woodmen of the World for our partnership inestablishing our TGMC Honors Red, White and Blue’ program.”

“TGMC HonorsRed, White and Blue” not only acknowledges those in our community who havevaliantly served our country to protect our freedoms while they are patients;but also, in the event these brave men and women pass away while at TGMC, theare honored by draping their body with an American flag which is later presentedto the family in recognition of their loved one’s service. Woodmen of theWorld’s Houma Lodge members donate their volunteer time and efforts along withTGMC’s staff to provide flags and recognition markers for the veterans at TGMC.

“Woodmen ofthe World members share a commitment to family, community and country andthrough a patriotic allegiance, members pledge to be better citizens,” stated CarolCollins Chapter 308, Woodmen of the World. “Our partnership with TGMC is agreat opportunity for our members to sustain their commitment and recognize ourdedicated servicemen and women.” 


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