TerrebonneGeneral Medical Center (TGMC) is pleased to announce Jeff Sardella as the new directorof the Information Technology (IT).

Sardella earned his Bachelor of Sciencedegree in Information Technology from Denver Technical College in Colorado andbegan his career as a systems analyst. Sardella worked at TGMC in 2006-2010 asa network administrator and returned recently to accept the position asdirector of the IT department. Sardella has twenty years of professionalexperience in information technology and is certified in Microsoft, A+, Vmware,Symantec, GE Centricity, and Palo Alto systems.

The IT department at TGMC is responsiblefor all of the security, storage, movement and presentation of patient datawhich allows the physicians to provide precise and affective patient care. Inaddition to providing TGMC with the tools needed to treat patients, IT alsohelps to maintain all computer systems that assists the staff with dailypatients care including, medications, diagnostic testing and procedures.

“I amexcited to be at TGMC to help them advance as technology and healthcare merge.We are focused on providing patients with the most efficient and accurate carepossible,” said Sardella.

“Our IT department isvitally important to our patient care every day. They support how we distributecare and information through our advanced technology,” said Phyllis Peoples,President and CEO of TGMC. “We are happy to have Jeff on board to lead IT incontinuing our excellence patient care through his expertise.”


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