TGMC Announces Cath Lab Director


TerrebonneGeneral Medical Center (TGMC) is pleased to announce Jacque Blanchard, RN, BSN,CCRN, as the new Director of the nationally recognized Cardiac CatheterizationLab.

Blanchardearned his Bachelor of Science in nursing from Nicholls State University in1992 and has 22 years of experience at TGMC. He has worked in the CardiacCatheterization Lab as the supervisor/clinical coordinator. Blanchard alsoholds a certification in critical care nursing.

The TGMC Cardiac CatheterizationLab, also referred to as the Cath Lab, is nationally recognized for itsinnovation in the field of cardiology. TGMC's cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons have theknowledge, experience, and state-of-the-art technology needed to effectivelytreat a wide range of heart conditions. Through the efforts of our dedicatedgroup of cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, nurses and staff, TGMC is onthe forefront of advanced cardiac care. The Cath Lab is where cardiologistshave the ability to run a variety of tests to determine the nature of manyheart complications.

At TGMC, our Chest Pain Center is internationally recognized by the Society of CardiovascularPatient Care (SCPS) and was awarded the highest level of accreditation.  Through a tremendous amount of coordinationbetween TGMC’s physicians, staff, Cath Lab, and Acadian Ambulance, TGMC is ableto receive transmitted EKGs and other vital information directly to theemergency department. This allows physicians to read the results while thepatient is in route and necessary preparations can be made for immediatetreatment.  In some cases, patients having a heart attack go directly tothe Cath Lab to save precious time. 

“I amextremely excited to take on this new role as Cath Lab director,” saidBlanchard. “I work with an incredibly talented staff and group of physicians,and together we have been able to do some amazing things for the people in ourcommunity. I look forward to being able to continue to provide cutting edgecardiovascular care to our patients and community,” he continued.

“We areproud to have a leader like Jacque as the director of our innovative Cath Lab. Hisexperience will continue the tradition of excellence for TGMC’s cardiacservices,” said Phyllis Peoples, president and CEO of TGMC.


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