Rose Norman has been named the Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC) May Employee of the Month. Norman is an Interviewer in the Admissions department.

In an effort to recognize outstanding employees, the TGMC Customer Service Council has implemented the Employee of the Month program.  This program recognizes employees that exemplify the kind of person that patients, family members and fellow employees distinguish as role models. This employee shows dedication, outstanding work ethics and a positive attitude that is reflected in their day-to-day work and focuses on meeting both internal and external customer service goals.  This person also makes it a priority to live out the TGMC mission of providing exceptional healthcare with compassion.

Rose Norman can put a smile on the face of anyone she helps. She is very upbeat with patients and greets all with her name, and treats everyone like family. Many times patients and family members leave her office with a smile. Rose always manages to keep her faith and willingness to help no matter how difficult things may seem. Many patients will wait for Rose to help them just because of the relationship they have with each other. She is always focused on the patient while they are with her. She can sense when the patient is scared and turns on motherly love by reassuring them and giving a pat on the hand.

It’s an honor to be named employee of the month for May 2013. I was surprised to receive this award. My daily goal is to live out TGMC’s mission of providing exceptional healthcare with compassion,” said Norman.


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