October Employee of the Month


MichelliOrdoyne has been named the Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC) OctoberEmployee of the Month. Ordoyne works as a secretary in the state-of-the-artCase Management department and has served TGMC for four years.

In aneffort to recognize outstanding employees, TGMC names an employee of the montheach month. Our employees of the month show an outstanding constant commitmentto the wellbeing of our patients, staff and extended families, and throughtheir participation in the personal journeys they have with them. The employeeof the month also makes it a priority to live out the TGMC mission of providingexceptional healthcare with compassion.

Ordoyne is described as always maintaining a positive attitude and hasstepped up to assist her coworkers on many levels. During situations whereassistance is needed to cover nights and holidays, she is always willing tohelp. Her knowledge of social services is a true asset to the entire hospitaland department as frequently we are called upon and have many walk in customersrequiring assistance with unique situations that she is always willing toassist in a positive, caring, and compassion demeanor. She is truly a patientadvocate.

The Case Management department at TGMC helps patients and their familiescope with illness and its effects by guiding themthrough their stay at our hospital. Our expert staff workswith patients, family members, physicians, other healthcare workers, communityservice providers, and insurance companies to ensure that the patient’s care ishandled compassionately and with the full spectrum of services provided. Ourteam of social workers and registered nurses facilitate the continuum of carein the event patients need further healthcare services once they are dischargedfrom TGMC. The staff acts as patient liaisons and often as advocates for getting servicesapproved including; discharge planning, home health services, personal careplacement, hospice care or nursing home placement.

“There areso many people who do an exceptional job at TGMC and I am honored to have beenchosen as employee of the month. I’m thankful for the ability to spend my dayhelping the people of our community,” said Ordoyne.


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