Margaret Ellender, RN has been named the Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC) January Employee of the Month. Ellender is a registered nurse and Clinical Coordinator for the Case Management Department.

In an effort to recognize outstanding employees, the TGMC Customer Service Council has implemented the Employee of the Month program.  This program recognizes employees that exemplify the kind of person that patients, family members and fellow employees distinguish as role models. This employee shows dedication, outstanding work ethics and a positive attitude that is reflected in their day-to-day work and focuses on meeting both internal and external customer service goals.  This person also makes it a priority to live out the TGMC mission of providing exceptional healthcare with compassion.

Margaret exemplifies the kind of person that patients and families, as well as other members of the healthcare team at TGMC recognize as an outstanding role model. She is readily available to assist as needed through education and clarification of any questions. She is frequently called to help address special circumstances within the different units as a patient advocate speaking with patients and their families to help coordinate the patient’s level of care in the most efficient way. Ellender is an excellent leader, case manager, patient advocate, nurse and peer.

“Being recognized as the TGMC Employee of the Month for January 2013 is a great honor for me.  I am blessed to work in the Case Management Department with a wonderful director and staff who are very talented, hardworking, and dedicated to the mission of providing exceptional care with compassion to our customers.  I love my job and the opportunity to work with colleagues throughout the hospital to make a positive impact in the care of our patients,” said Ellender.


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