Providing exceptional healthcare with compassion is the mission of every employee at Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC). In an effort to recognize those employees that truly exemplify TGMC’s mission in action, the Customer Service Council has implemented the Mission in Action (M.I.A.) award program.  This program recognizes employees that make it their priority to go above and beyond their call of duty to provide exceptional healthcare with compassion to patients and their caregivers. 

TGMC is proud to recognize Toni Armstrong, RN, Eugene Myles, Mary Lynn Stewart, Dondre Stewart, and Katrina Thibodaux, RN, with the TGMC Mission in Action Award.

It all started with a young man in his 20’s who was admitted at the beginning of 2011 with multiple diagnosis requiring very complex care.  His disease progressed downwardly and, at 6 months into his hospital stay, he could only get out of bed with the assistance of several physical therapy staff members.  Several factors, such as his lack of mobility, prohibited him from going or even seeing the outdoors.  These five TGMC employees worked tirelessly to coordinate the transport of the patient outdoors to enjoy the sunshine after being in a hospital room for 6 months. Even though it only lasted a few minutes, the joy that showed on this patient‘s face made all the difficulty worthwhile.

“These five TGMC employees are true examples of the TGMC mission in action. I want to commend each of them for their efforts and making patient care their top priority,” said Phyllis Peoples, President and CEO of TGMC. “Sometimes it is the smallest act of kindness that brings joy to a patient’s day and these employees were able to help bring joy to our patient’s life and for that I am extremely proud of them,” Peoples continued. 


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