John and Ashley Fontenot, the founders of the Cooper Life Fund along with their sons Cooper and Remy, presented a check in the amount of $16,750.00 to the Foundation for Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC), which will be used to provide medical and social care needs to the infants and families of infants admitted at TGMC’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The funds were raised from the 7th Annual Super Cooper 5K Run which was held at The Workout Company on March 23rd in Houma. 

"Each and every year Ashley and I look back at our accomplishment with the Super Cooper race. It truly touches our hearts to know that because of our son’s medical condition at birth we are able to help so many others in the same situation. We are honored to be a part of this great community so willing to support families of sick newborns. Our sponsors, racers and volunteers deserve all the credit in keeping Cooper Life Fund and the Super Cooper race series a thriving success. Our two sons, Remy and Cooper, play a huge role in our dedication to helping others. They are the foundation by which we keep moving forward. We want to instill within them the quality of helping others without question, just as they instilled it in us,” said John and Ashley Fontenot, Founders of the Cooper Life fund and the Super Cooper Run

The TGMC Women’s Center NICU is the proud recipient of all proceeds from the race, which was started in 2005 in honor of Cooper Fontenot. To date just under $100,000 has been graciously presented to the hospital’s NICU. These proceeds will provide medical and social care to the infants and families of infants admitted to the TGMC-NICU after being born with serious medical conditions. The money provides families with a care package filled with necessities in caring for NICU infants, gas cards, phone cards, car seats, strollers, lodging vouchers and other items the families have not prepared for while their baby is in intensive care.

“We are so thankful for the Fontenot’s continuous support of TGMC,” said Phyllis Peoples, president and CEO of TGMC. “The Fontenot’s have an unwavering sense of generosity. These funds will greatly benefit many families of our tiniest patients in the NICU,” Peoples continued.

John and Ashley Fontenot founded the organization after their son Cooper was born with a congenital heart defect in 2004, and underwent open heart surgery when he was only 9 days old. Their goal was to raise money to aid families of children born with serious medical issues. 

In 2010 the TGMC NICU was granted a NICU Level III status which allows pre-mature infants of all gestational ages who required advanced respiratory support and who do not need surgical intervention to remain at TGMC for their neonatal care instead of having to be transported to another facility for care. 

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