Providing exceptional healthcare with compassion is the mission of every employee at Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC). In an effort to recognize those employees that truly exemplify TGMC’s mission in action, TGMC has implemented the Mission in Action (M.I.A.) award program.  This program recognizes employees that make it their priority to go above and beyond their call of duty to provide exceptional healthcare with compassion to patients and their caregivers.

TGMC is proud to recognize Ashley Harrington, LPN, with the TGMC Mission in Action Award. Harrington works on 3 North, Inpatient Oncology Unit and has been a member of TGMC’s team for four years.

While working Harrington bonded with one of her patients and their family during the patients ongoing stay at TGMC.   During the patient’s final admission, her daughter asked for Harrington personally for emotional support and for Harrington to be there during her mother’s final moments. Ashley was informed of this request and responded naturally with compassion. During the patient’s final moments, Harrington visited and gave a beautiful cross to the family with great compassion and kindness putting the family member’s hearts at ease and peace. Harrington made it a point to attend the funeral services and while paying her respects she noticed that in the coffin was the cross she had given to the family. The compassionate care Harrington gave to the family left their hearts filled with peace and happiness.

“Hearing Ashley’s story fills my heart with joy and reaffirms that TGMC is filled with exceptional staff members that truly take our mission to heart. I commend Ashley for her efforts in being a compassionate caregiver and I want to encourage all of our staff members clinical and nonclinical to continue to strive for excellence and compassionate care,” said Phyllis Peoples, President and CEO of TGMC.


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