Sports Performance Training Center

The TGMC Sports Performance Training Center offers custom, one-on-one and group training for clients ages 12 to 82. Headed by certified strength and conditioning specialist Patrick Labat, this program offers the perfect tools needed to reach your fitness goals in our new, state-of-the-art facility.

TGMC’s Sports Performance Training Center offers both athletic and health performance training programs personalized to meet individual goals and needs. Our team is dedicated to helping each person reach their maximum potential by improving mobility, increasing strength and stamina and improving overall health education and guided practice.


  • Consultation Services
  • Body Composition Testing with InBody 230 scale
  • Individualized Training Session                                                   
    • Individual, small and large group training is available in one-hour sessions.
  • Health Performance Training                                                       
    • Lose weight, get in shape, improve mobility and range of motion and maintain your overall health and wellbeing.
  • Athletic Performance Training                                                      
    • Increase speed, agility and endurance                                  
    • Available for: high school, college, Semi-pro and professional athletes        
    • Sports Team Training (Max: 1 coach per 8-10 athletes)
  • Program Design                                                                              
    •  Personalized programs designed for at-home or traditional gym workouts.
  • Functional Fitness                                                                        
    • Squatting, lifting and pressing are all movements we use in everyday life. Our staff will teach you how to move and train properly, which will help prevent future injury.

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Meet Our Sports Performance Training Center Team:


Patrick Labat, MS, CSCS 
Health & Sports Performance Specialist 

Masters - ULL Exercise Science

Zack Hebert, CPT
Health & Sports Performance Coach

Bachelors - ULL Exercise Science



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